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May 24, 2011

Hi all! It's been 3 months since my last newsletter...miss me?

Ok, so here's the deal, this time of year gets busy here at Fitness By the Bay. Why is that?

Everyone has their TIME OF YEAR that they want to get in shape, but the truth is, and you all really know this anyway, but there's never a better time than right away. And there's not a good time to stop...like when you reach or get close to your goal.

Working out and exercising on and off again doesn't work. You never really reach your potential, or your goal. Look in the mirror, tell yourself what you want to look like. I'll wait.....hmmmmmm..hmmmmmm....

Ok, so did you decide? Good. The reality is, any of you can get to a place where you'd never thought you could be. It takes persistence and consistency. It's tough though, right? It's hard to workout and do your cardio and eat properly and not see that body in a month, two months, three months. I know, we've all been there, no matter what shape your in.

It's a little mind game you play with yourself. But maybe you can change that mind game to work for you. Get it in your head that this is something you're JUST going to do! If your consistent and do it regularly, you'll get to your goal and receive so many other benefits. You'll spend time each day exercising because.....

  • ...It's good for you
  • ...It's what makes you feel good
  • ...It's your time to do something constructive for yourself
  • ...Your health is important
  • ...You want to look great and finally get that body you wanted
  • ...You want to show your kids, grandkids, others what happens when you exercise
  • ...You're tired of the feeling you NEED to do it, and now you just WANT to do it
  • ...You want to increase your energy and enhance your mood
  • ...Challenging yourself is a great goal every day and you're your best opponent
  • ...You really know this is important...for every single aspect of your life, how you perceive yourself, how others perceive you and how your life can literally change in positive ways by doing it.

There's so many reasons to do it regularly, but don't let the mind games control you.

Now, it's summer. The thing I hear the most right now is.. "But it's summer, and there's barbeques, parties, beer, etc."

Yeah? So?  First of all, it's just food. Stop thinking it's the most important thing in the world. It's just food! Stick to your diet...all year round! Eat as healthy as possible, eat smaller portions, don't over do the booze.

Food has taken too much importance in our day! Oh god, this is soooooooo good! Oh No, I shouldn't eat that (as you die wishing you could have it). It's mental. It's changing priorities and the way you view your life! Let's face it...you won't have a body you'd like if you eat too much, eat the wrong things all the time and do nothing to burn those calories and add lean tissue to your body. Its totally impossible to do. 75% of the way your body will look is due to your diet.

I've literally trained what I would call "tortured souls". They eat poorly, then beat themselves up. They get mad, they then work like crazy trying to play catch up, then do it again. Those habits are so hard to break, and they are habits. Did you ever watch "Supersize Me". The guy eats McDonalds three times a day for 30 days. By the end of the 30 days he put on 30 lbs, tons of fat, his blood was thick with cholesterol, his heart is having a hard time working, and whenever he thought of McDonalds, he would literally drool. That's just 30 days.

Those 30 days were key. It takes 30 days to make or break a habit. Start your 30 days today. Not the first of the month...not in September (because you think you missed the window of opportunity to get in shape just for summer), not in November just before Thanksgiving, and not on New Years.

Today is the best day. It's not for a month or so...it's for life. Fitness Doesn't have to be about your WHOLE life, every single day...but it has to be a part of it. Live, Eat, Sleep, Train! Work, Play, Sing, Train!

Give me a call at 631-834-1427. Whether your an old client, new client, want to be a client, call me if you need a boost or if you want to find out how you can start your new life habit and to be on a path to looking the best you ever have.


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Mark Falk
Fitness By the Bay


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