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Long Island's Unique Personal Training Studio Offers New Pay As You Go Fitness Options

Blue Point, NY
December 17, 2008
, Fitness By the Bay (FBTB), located at Corey Beach in Blue Point, Long Island, NY announced today it is offering a unique program to those who want more flexibility in their structured weight loss and fitness programs.

Pay As You Go Personal Training and Pay As You Go Access (PAYGO) for those with limited time, or who can not commit to the typical Personal Training schedule. FBTB's PAYGO services can be used at anytime. Individuals can either call ahead and request a time to get a personal training session without prior scheduling, or can come down to Fitness By the Bay's Studio for a PAYGO membership, eleviating what some individuals believe is impossible to schedule in some peoples hectic lives.

"We all know by now the benefits of fitness, with a combination of resistance training, cardio and proper diet. The results of those combining these fitness efforts is proof of the power of fitness. The real problem lays with scheduling. Some need more flexibility but still require or most importantly understand the benefit of one on one training. We've solved that problem with PAYGO services. PAYGO training can be used anytime, without a schedule. They simply go to our website at and view our schedule and pick a time that isn't being used. Then they call and request that time. It could be 15 minutes before they come down.", stated Mark Falk, Fitness By the Bay's Owner and Head Trainer.

"Our success speaks for itself. I've personally trained dozens of people who have lost weight, and gained a new perspective on fitness while increasing their quality of life. Busy people find it hard to commit to times, and eventually stop. Every person's success is our success. We want to make it easier for everyone to benefit from what all of our clients have benefited from. Structured exercise, motivation and accountability are the things that make the most beneficial fitness program. Now clients can find the time to do it. We offer both 60 minute and 30 minute PAYGO services and PAYGO Access."

Beginning in January of 2009, Fitness By the Bay will also be offering after school fitness programs to local schools to be made available in their schools. PAYGO Services are currently being offered. For rates, go to

About Fitness By the Bay
Fitness By the Bay is a Personal Training Studio located at Corey Beach in Blue Point, Long Island, NY. Services offered are Weight loss, personal training, classes, PAYGO fitness services,and limited Gym Access. Fitness By the Bay's location offers a unique and beautiful view of the Great South Bay and the Marina where it is located.

More information can be obtained by going to their website at or by emailing



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