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You run for the kids, for your husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, family, work...You name it, it keeps you going.

Getting a Fitness By the Bay In Home Personal Trainer gives you YOUR time to do what you need to do for you. Lose Weight, Increase Energy and Strength, and Feel Good.

Isn't it time to start? For Everyone? Click here and get started now.



Why Should You Get a Personal Trainer?

Motivation, Knowledge, Goal Setting. Remember, we all NEED to be fit and exercise, but what is it that you WANT? We help you reach your goal. Want it and you'll succeed, and a Personal Trainer is a great way to get motivated.

Personal Training is also great for those caught in the same old fitness routine. Maybe you just need a boost to go in a new direction.

You take the guess work out of your workout. We design a fitness regiment to help you optimize every workout which brings the greatest results.


Do I Need a Personal Trainer?

If you're one of the millions of people who need to lose weight, who want to gain energy and lean tissue, or are at risk of health problems due to lack of exercise, and you don't know where to start, or need motivation or who want a knowledgeable person to help them with an effective routine, then Yes, you do.

Stop saying you're GOING to get fit, and start getting fit by giving us a call or
filling out our contact form.

What Makes Fitness By the Bay Different?

We understand your physical, AND your mental need to lose weight, or to be fit and lean. We motivate, and we also know that impatience is a big part with any client.

We teach you about being healthy and how exercise will make you healthier and happier. AND, We also like to have fun so you don't feel like it's a chore. Get a free fitness analysis and you'll see why for yourself. NO EXCUSES, JUST RESULTS!

What Will My Workouts Be Like?

Each person is an individual, and your workout will depend on your level of fitness, goals, age, and any medical conditions you may have. A trainer will design a workout tailored to your specific needs and wants.

Heart pumping full body exercises, bands, heavy balls, dumbbells, heavy bars, boxing...these will all be part of your workout

I Always Walk with My Friend. Can We Do This Together?

Absolutely. You can do it with your Husband, Wife, Friends. You can even save money by doing it with someone else. See our Rates Page.

What should I expect at Fitness By the Bay?

First of all....when you arrive, you're right at the water which brings energy and it's own sense of serenity at the same time.

You'll park in the back through a private, keycoded gate to keep away from the beach goers.

When you walk in, you'll notice a non cramped, well equiped facility just begging to be used.

Cardio equipment, weights, multifunction machines, dumbells, rubberized floor, tinted privacy windows, and a boxing area.

Most importantly, your trainer will be there waiting just for you. We're there prepared to make the most of your workout.

If you have access to the gym on your OFF days, you'll be greated by familiar faces who will give you advice as you do your cardio to help you maximize your time.

How Much Weight Can I Expect To Lose?

The healthiest and best way to lose weight so you don't put it back on is by losing 1 - 2lbs a week. You're body will be "trained" to stay at that weight. Losing too much weight too fast results in poor health and the likelihood of your body snapping back to its old weight.

Here's an important tip. To lose 1lb you need to reduce or burn 3500 calories. Working with Fitness By the Bay for 1 hour, with 40 mins of heart pumping workouts will burn approximately 400 to 450 calories per session after the first few weeks. Along with a proper diet, reducing your calories appropriately, you'll begin to see real results in weight, how your clothes fit, and your strength and energy levels.



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