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  We've tried to include everyone. If there's a service you don't see that you'd like, let us know!
30 min, 60 min personal training, couple training, team training, sports strength training, pay as you go options, and home workouts tailored to your goals. We have it all...if you can think of it, we'll do it!
  One On One 60 Minute Personal Training
Do you want a personalized training program that will help you lose weight, gain lean tissue, energy, confidence, mental clarity and more? Then come in and see for yourself just how you'll benefit from One on One Training.

One on One 30 Minute Personal Training
Don't have time for a full 60 minutes? Looking for a quick, cost effective workout program that is tailored to your goals and wants? Like a high intensity workout that hits your entire body? Then this one is for you!
  Couple Training
We'll train you and your husband, wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, friend or even your son/daughter for a reduced hourly rate. It's fun to do with someone else. Come in and we'll give you an idea of how you can benefit from training with someone else.
  Team Training (3 - 5 Individuals)
Do you want a fun cost effective training session? Bring in 2 or more friends for a total of 3 to 5 and you'll train together, work together, help eachother and you'll do it for $20 - $25 per person. Great for groups such as Mothers groups, School groups, PTA members or anyone that belongs to a group with similar goals. You'll love it.

Guts and Butts, Full Body Band Camps, Bootcamps. All Classes are Pay As You Go, or pay for 6 or more classes and get one free! (3 people min for class to run.)
  Phone Fitness
Now you can get fit over the phone. Put us on speaker, and get to work. We'll set you up with a workout and guide you through these 30 minute works on the phone. Soon, we'll have our online exercise examples up and running, but don't wait!

Starter Package
For $240, you can get 4 personal training session as a way to see if training is for you, or if you just want 1 session a week each month. It's a cost effective way to get the best of both worlds. The guidance you'll get with your training. Come in and look around. This may be a great, cost effective and convenient choice for you.

Something New! Pay as you go Personal Training, Pay as you go Classes. Go to our Pay As You Go page to see our schedule so you can see when we'll be available to train you when you walk in!

In Home Personal Training Service - Get Trained in your home. Minimal equipment is needed. We bring our own, or we can use what you have at home. You'll get dynamic workouts without leaving your house. Go to for more info on our In Home Services.
    To find out more, or to get started, click here and fill out the form to get started today.



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